Tuesday 23 September 2014

Happy Birthday Madame Chapeau

I once found a book,
and was instantly hooked.

Iggy Peck was his name,

and architecture his game.
Then Rosie came too,
and oh how she flew!

I was told of Chapeau,
(David used to make hats - did you know?!)
Circling the pub date,
I just couldn't wait!

Happy Birthday Madame Chapeau, is a perfect book. 

Every year on her birthday, lonely milliner Madame Chapeau visits the most elegant restaurant in town, Chez Snooty-Patoot. On her way there she trips and a bird snatches her favourite hat! She's offered one to wear by a baker, a policeman and a cowboy but she knows that none are quite right. A gorgeous story about friendship and love that has the perfect fit at the end. 

Combining clever and witty rhyming text with the most beautiful illustrations, completely destined to make a very special picture book. Andrea Beaty's thoughtful prose rolls off the tongue (unlike my verse above!) as you follow Madame Chapeau's story.

David Roberts (yes I am a MEGA fan) considers every detail possible, I notice something new and interesting in his illustrations every time I visit his books - this one is no exception. Roberts was a milliner and talking to him earlier this year, he had so much fun creating something with two of his loves; hats and illustration, and this definitely shows in the book.

I am certainly no fashion fanatic but my mother used to take me to VV Rouleaux in Marylebone on my birthday every year to choose some new ribbons, I know it's a bit old fashioned but I loved it (and I still have most of them tucked away in a box!)

This books is utterly delightful and a perfect gift for any story lover.

Published by Abrams and is £10.99 in hardback. 

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